The PuzzlePhone Journey

Designed in Finland and Made in Europe: hardware and software you can trust PuzzlePhone supports the economic prosperity of Europe. We optimize logistics chains, return manufacturing to local markets, and ensure production includes nature­friendly practices and responsible business ethics.

About us

We are the Androids you’ve been looking for

A full stack startup from entrepreneurs with over 200 years of combined experience



Alejandro is the vision behind PuzzlePhone, a True Believer in sustainability, and the one who has dared question the smartphone industry’s status quo.

Challenged by the fact that an iPhone button could be had on eBay for a euro, yet Apple Spain asked 160 euros to fix his phone, Alejandro created PuzzlePhone. “iPhone is built to fail in my opinion,” he says. “I believe they charge that much for repairs because they assume they’ll break the screen.”

Prior to founding PuzzlePhone, he worked as a product manager in mobile internet devices and audio products. But since childhood he’s been fascinated by circuitry and firmware. He has experience developing advanced baby monitor concepts, has built a small commercial spa, and is currently in the concept stage of a helium-filled unmanned airship.

He’s most proud of the time his team forked Android 2.3 to look like Honeycomb, after Google had locked down Android 3 to small players. Alejandro can still quote the TechCrunch report of his success: “…much to the displeasure of Google, we presume.”

“The mobile phone industry is guilty of adding to the great pile of crap in our disposable culture; PuzzlePhone gives us the option to not take part in that culture,” Alejandro likes to remind us.

Alejandro Santacreu, Founder and CEO

Our crew

Business and Strategy

Markus Levlin

Chairman of the Board, IPR attorney

Markus likes to create new things, and joining PuzzlePhone was a natural for him. He brings IPR experience to the company to help stake our claim in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

José Espinal

CFO and ISO & ITIL Advisor

José believes we have a responsibility to make sure product lifecycles benefit human beings. His role at PuzzlePhone is to make sure best practices are applied to ensure a protected management system and secure path to progress.

Diego Fernández

Global Business Strategist

Diego believes PuzzlePhone is one clear and powerful answer to the problems which now confront our world. Diego brings a strong business acumen, vision, common sense, and valuable connections to PuzzlePhone.

Harjinder Singh

Chief Strategy Officer Americas & Asia

“Dictator phones” is Harjinder’s term for the inflexible, non­-sustainable devices we all use today. Harjinder’s contribution to the PuzzlePhone revolution is his experience scaling global startups.

Gunnar Lihr


Gunnar values being close to nature, which made it easy for him to passionately embrace the PuzzlePhone project. His experience in sales and international business development is used to spread PuzzlePhone’s vision and mission around the globe.

Aitor Sevillano Orbegozo

Attorney at Law

Aitor enjoys and thrives in proving legal counsel and being an integral part of the team in Puzzlephone, he focuses in the legal interests and structure of the company, locally and globally.

R&D and Design

Julian Swan


Julian believes PuzzlePhone is a really cool product giving a valid alternative to the unsustainable disposable consumer culture. Having 25 years experience in the delivery of Human Centered Design and Engineering of consumer products, Julian is the right match for PuzzlePhone.

Ben May


Ben hates replacing his mobile technology every couple of years and is excited by the new ownership paradigm offered by PuzzlePhone. He’s spent 30 years providing prototyping and production expertise to the product design industry and is privileged to be taking part in a project of PuzzlePhone’s importance.

Tapani Jokinen


Tapani has 20 years of international experience in mobile design, building products and experiences to last. Most of his career has been spent designing the future. He is now committed to building the first modular phone using sustainable and responsible practices. The goal: a beautiful, desirable, and more enjoyable smartphone.

Matti Sandberg

Lead Designer

Matti brings a sensitive and empathetic approach to brainstorming. His vision is always cohesive and deeply matched with the final user experience.

Jaakko Siltanen

Lead Designer

Jaakko is a rational design enthusiast and explorer of new user experiences in a natural, out­of­the­box way.

Marketing Communications

Juan Díaz Díaz

Director of Communications

Juan believes in circular economy. He is a communications expert with long experience in media and PR in industrial and consumer sectors.

Jose M Sánchez

Marketing advisor

“There are few times in your life when you get a chance to actually change the world,” says Jose. His role at PuzzlePhone is to document that change in the format he knows best: video.

Supporters and partners

PuzzlePhone welcomes companies, brands, and enthusiasts to help bring true sustainability and circular economy thinking to life.

Early supporters and public institutions

Product research and development

Brand and design development

People who helped us:

Karsten Schischke Mentor Sustainable Design Fraunhofer IZM
Leigh Ewin Wingman Startup Gardener Health Spa
Tuomas Maisala Advisor Early Supporter Spinno Enterprise Center
Sandeep Shah Wingman and advisor Helsinki Business Hub

Riina Rupponen · Antti Vettenranta · Ari Huczkowski · Will Cardwell · José A. Gil · Juan M. Gisbert · Marina Aisa · Alex Alvarez·Michal Nizinski · Carlos Carmona · Konsta Vesterinen · David Peck · Ruediger Kuehr

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