The PuzzlePhone Journey

Designed in Finland and Made in Europe: hardware and software you can trust PuzzlePhone supports the economic prosperity of Europe. We optimize logistics chains, return manufacturing to local markets, and ensure production includes nature­friendly practices and responsible business ethics.

Button broken in Alejandro's iPhone

Aug 2012

1st Puzzle vision video

Jan 2013

Alejandro moves to Finland

Aug 2013

1st PuzzlePhone design concept

Nov 2013

Mobile World Congress/4YFN

Feb 2014

Circular Devices Oy founded

Sep 2014

2nd PuzzlePhone design concept

Sep 2014

PuzzlePhone in SLUSH event

Nov 2014

15k followers in Twitter reached

Dec 2014

Takes 1st grant

Dec 2014

3rd PuzzlePhone design concept

Dec 2014

OgilvyOne empowers PuzzlePhone

Jan 2015

PuzzleCluster concept hits media

Jan 2015

5th PuzzlePhone design version

Jan 2015

Design from Finland certificate

Feb 2015


Mar 2015

Enterprise of the year nomination by Laurea

Mar 2015

PP media presence in 87 countries in 40 languages

Apr 2015

Hamster. Hipster. Handy – PuzzlePhone in museum

Apr 2015

Takes 2nd grant

May 2015

Pappa Tunturi charity ride

May 2015

Partnering with Oulu Silicon Valley

Jun 2015

EU H2020 Sustainably Smart grant

Sep 2015

PuzzlePhone speaks in Emerging Green Conference

Sep 2015

Total investment hits 1.3M EUR in PuzzlePhone

Sep 2015

Puzzlephone goes crowd funding

Nov 2015


Nov 2015

2 babies expected: a human mini-CEO and the 1st working PuzzlePhone

Mar 2016

First shipments of PuzzlePhone Expected

Sep 2016

About us

We are the Androids you’ve been looking for

A full stack startup from entrepreneurs with over 200 years of combined experience


of electronic and mechanical design


designed and produced


of design experience, 20 years in mobile phones


of marketing and sales


of IPR


blending cultures and experiences


"The mobile phone industry is guilty of adding to the great pile of crap in our disposable culture; PuzzlePhone gives us the option to not take part in that culture," Alejandro likes to remind us.

Alejandro Santacreu, Founder and CEO

Our crew

Business and Strategy


Supporters and partners

PuzzlePhone welcomes companies, brands, and enthusiasts to help bring true sustainability and circular economy thinking to life.

Early supporters and public institutions

Product research and development

Brand and design development

People who helped us:

Karsten Schischke
Sustainable Design
Fraunhofer IZM
Leigh Ewin
Startup Gardener
Health Spa
Tuomas Maisala
Early Supporter
Spinno Enterprise Center
Sandeep Shah
Wingman and
Helsinki Business Hub

Riina Rupponen · Antti Vettenranta · Ari Huczkowski · Will Cardwell · José A. Gil · Juan M. Gisbert · Marina Aisa · Alex Alvarez·Michal Nizinski · Carlos Carmona · Konsta Vesterinen · David Peck · Ruediger Kuehr

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