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PuzzleIoT the next modular router and gateway

In the beginning there was a modular gateway, and it was good Have you noticed the increasing public pressure to do something about the electronics waste problem? Are you concerned that your privacy and the privacy of your organisation is being violated? Are you facing an increasing complexity within your IoT fleet and struggle with vendor lock-ins? We are nodding, are you? PuzzleIoT modular gateway, and router, is here to relieve you from all these issues. We at Circular Devices

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Connecting for the present and the future

Interconnecting  mechanics and electronics in modular systems is the hill that some consider an impossible climb. Solving this main challenge marks a major milestone, proven by this patent application filing. When Circular Devices proposed to the European Commision (grant agreements nos. 680640 and 730308) to develop a modular smartphone, we were not planning just a device “designed to last up to 10 years.” The underlying innovation was a licensable solution to

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Circular Devices Ltd. hits new milestone with key patent application for modular phone ecosystems

Espoo, Finland, August 1st, 2018. Circular Devices, Ltd., the Finnish startup behind the PuzzlePhone modular smartphone, announced today the filing of a patent application, “A coaxial connector structure.” The patent forms the foundation for the ecosystem of modularity used by PuzzlePhone, PuzzleIoT, and PuzzleLab. The patent application covers specific details of the non-linear coaxial connector, as well as the mechanism for electrical connectivity and mechanical retention of modules. The connecting system is

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Captain’s Log: PuzzleIoT and the connected world of now

Greetings from the PuzzlePhone Headquarters. In a recent post we updated about Circular Devices and introduced the PuzzleIoT. PuzzleIoT comes at the right time for a maturing market, and grows organically from the PuzzleEcosystem. The dust around the Internet-of-Things is settling. After some years of hype where everyone was supposed to have everything connected, it is becoming much clearer that professional and industrial environments have better reasons to connect and measure their businesses,

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Captain’s Log: A Status Quo Update

Greetings from the PuzzlePhone Head Quarters. As the project continues advancing, at a slow but firm pace, we have some nice news to share. Here, in Circular Devices, we went through rough times last year, but the renewed support from the European Commission gave us a lifeline that is taking us closer to project realization than never before. Having a internal modular organization is the key for Circular devices resilience: we are 15

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What eco labels on electronics should I care about?

By Alejandro Santacreu, CEO & Founder of Circular Devices Oy. The conscious buyers of this world are an emerging group that has been gaining more and more purchasing power. Public concern with sustainability issues started almost one century ago with the rise of the organic food movement back in 1924. It took several decades to become the trend we all know today. Nowadays we all care about eating healthy, at least as much

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The PuzzlePhone keeps moving ahead

The facts always firstThere are no news on PuzzlePhone release date at this point. As of today, we can neither confirm nor deny that Circular Devices has secured more private funds to continue the making of the PuzzlePhone. We keep in the work, but advancements are sparse due to the slow and not flexible enough payment scheme of the committed public funds.  On the bright sidePreviously on “Grants from the European Commission”Our

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Circular Devices Ltd Has Been Selected to Horizon 2020 Project to Study Recycled Plastics in Electronics

Espoo, Finland, November 7, 2017. Circular Devices, Ltd., the Finnish startup behind the PuzzlePhone modular smartphone, has joined a consortium of 20 European companies and institutions led by the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM), to support a Horizon 2020 circular economy project. The EU Post-Consumer High-Tech Recycled Polymers for a Circular Economy (“PolyCE” ) project is a multi-year, multi-stakeholder demonstration focused on the feasibility of circular plastics supply and value chain,

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Late but coming: Episode II

The facts always first Dear PuzzlePhone backers and supporters, there are no news on PuzzlePhone release date at this point. As of today, we can neither confirm nor deny that Circular Devices has secured more private funds to continue the making of the PuzzlePhone due to the slow and not flexible enough payment scheme of the committed public funds (as previously explained). On the bright side Despite unforeseen circumstances and setbacks

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PuzzlePhone news, Xmas edition

Dear PuzzlePhone backers and supporters, The year is going to its end and the new 2017 is approaching. All this year long we had felt your belief in our project and your support, which inspires us to move forward. As J. F. Kennedy once said: “we do things not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of

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PuzzlePhone and AMD are GEC’s Catalyst Awards 2016 winners!

This late Summer the Puzzlephone team has been honoured with the Green Electronics Council 2016 Catalyzing Disruptive Innovation Award at the Electronics Goes Green event hosted at the same time and in the same city as IFA, Berlin. Upgrade, reuse, upcycle, recycle, are now words in common parlance in many aspects of everyday life but not so much in electronic products and services. We at Circular Devices know that electronics must also

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Late but coming: Episode I

Bad news always first Due to an unexpected shortage, or cash-flow slowdown, in the public funds committed by the European Commission the development of the PuzzlePhone has been slowed and the PuzzlePhone is going to be late. The first PuzzlePhone units will not be ready in 2016. The good news This is not a technical feasibility issue, as you know from our Captain’s Log chronicles, the PuzzlePhone R&D follows a New

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Captain’s Log – PuzzlePhone Episode 4: R&D Camp

Last time we left you with many questions and a little peek into the complexity of creating the most awesome smartphone ever. Now we forge on to create balance and clarity between vision, functions, manufacturing process, and environmental ethos. In order to do this we needed to lock a bunch of brilliant minds in a room and throw away the key. We had that magical moment happen in the land

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