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PuzzleIoT the next modular router and gateway

In the beginning there was a modular gateway, and it was good Have you noticed the increasing public pressure to do something about the electronics waste problem? Are you concerned that your privacy and the privacy of your organisation is being violated? Are you facing an increasing complexity within your IoT fleet and struggle with vendor lock-ins? We are nodding, are you? PuzzleIoT modular gateway, and router, is here to relieve you from all these issues. We at Circular Devices

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Captain’s Log – PuzzlePhone Episode 3: Develop build principles

Developing build principles in many ways defines where the balance can be found between the vision and the ocean of mechanical challenges. Every detail matters because every tiny detail can make it or break it, and quite literally so especially when you are building a modular smartphone. To paint the entire picture of just how mind tingling it is to create something modular but extremely robust we would probably need

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Captain’s Log – PuzzlePhone Episode 2: The Solid Process of Success

In the first post in the Captain’s Log I introduced PuzzlePhone’s partners involved in R&D. The journey from ideas on a cocktail napkin to an actual PuzzlePhone is full of epic moments built on a solid, steady, and mature industrial process. Quite often the real work of the development process gets short shrift because it’s thought to be boring. For those involved in the process, of course, it isn’t boring at

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Captain’s Log – PuzzlePhone Episode 1: Leading an R&D Revolution

PuzzlePhone’s Indiegogo campaign concluded in December, and since then we’ve been silent – but not inactive! And we’re not remaining silent anymore. This is the first of many blog posts to come. Our intent is to keep you current on PuzzlePhone’s journey from the drawing board to your pocket. It’s an amazing R&D story, a story of reshoring, of proving that Europe isn’t that sleepy little hamlet people (well, those

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PuzzlePhone Xmas greetings

We want to thank all the partners, media, public organizations and, specially, the 302 backers who believed in the PuzzlePhone. As stated in previous communications we are committed to manufacture and deliver the PuzzlePhone. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign main purpose was to test the market interest so we can better finetune the PuzzlePhone. Now we have a better knowledge of the market dynamics related to the PuzzlePhone and will incorporate

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City of Oulu joins PuzzlePhone B2B pilot deployment in 2016

City of Oulu, December 10th 2015. Circular Devices Ltd., the Finnish startup behind the PuzzlePhone modular devices, announces the support from City of Oulu in the pilot deployment of the PuzzlePhone in 2016. Circular Devices has been working since its incorporation in September 2014 to develop and enhance its internal business structure, securing funds to make operations as sustainable as possible, as well as to develop a high-quality partners network to ensure

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261 PuzzlePhone already backed. Get yours before campaign ends!

So, why the counter shows just a few units sold? Every time we make a special offer, like the free shipping campaigns for Black Friday, we have to archive the perk and open a new one. In this process the Indiegogo platform always automatically resets the “unit sold” counter to zero. We just discount the already sold units from the available units number. As an example, lets take our Very

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PuzzlePhone is ready for USA and Canada

To answer quite a few people who have asked if the PuzzlePhone will work with a particular operator in USA and Canada we have prepared a list of network operators who have deployed support for 4G/LTE. The  PuzzlePhone will be certified for CE and FCC. That means that the device will work with 4G/LTE networks operating in band 4 and 13 across Europe and America (and also the rest of

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Get a PuzzlePhone White Edition for free

Get a PuzzlePhone White Edition for free We have reached $100.000 and is time to spread the word an go even further, but we need your help and we want you to get your PuzzlePhone White Edition for free. Help us by sharing the news via email and social media. Every time one of your referrals backs any of the perks of the PuzzlePhone campaign you get closer to a free

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PuzzlePhone announces SLUSH White Edition and Jolla support for community Sailfish OS integration

Circular Devices introduces today the PuzzlePhone SLUSH White Edition as a new perk in its ongoing Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Circular Devices also announces collaboration with Jolla in the community project for Sailfish OS integration to the PuzzlePhone hardware. This awesome joint project is a testimony to the thriving and agile Finnish startup ecosystem. PuzzlePhone SLUSH White Edition Slush is the yearly summit for Nordic startups, and it’s an opportunity to

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PuzzlePhone Piece Maker: your module, your product

By bringing your ideas to life into the PuzzlePhone platform you will also be making a difference because all your hardware applications will be reusable across the PuzzlePhoners Universe. How is that possible?Easy! Like everything around our simple, but playful concept: think of the PuzzlePhone not as a smartphone but as your friendly computing platform with a 5” touch monitor that will allow easy and reliable interaction with any module

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PuzzlePhone in Slush and microSD support

Now with microSD support. We have great news today! We are happy to announce the first free upgrade for all present and future backers. As the PuzzlePhone R&D process progresses, some undisclosed upgrades could eventually be unveiled and yesterday our amazing engineering team in Oulu city confirmed that they managed to enhance the Brain electronics and stuffed inside the support for microSD. So now all PuzzlePhone models offered in this

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We reach 50K! Let’s celebrate!

PuzzlePhone team has a small but powerful present for those who bought before the 50K redline. One additional Heart module will be shipped together with your PuzzlePhone. Yep, an extra battery free of charge. We hope you like it! 🙂 You will also be the first ones seeing our new video: Exploring Modularity. Part III: Building up your PuzzlePhone Last but not least: tell to your friends about our campaign now

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