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So, why the counter shows just a few units sold?

Every time we make a special offer, like the free shipping campaigns for Black Friday, we have to archive the perk and open a new one. In this process the Indiegogo platform always automatically resets the “unit sold” counter to zero. We just discount the already sold units from the available units number.

As an example, lets take our Very Early Bird, 1st Edition PuzzlePhone perk: 
There are 250 units available of the Very Early Bird, the 1st Edition PuzzlePhone, for the entire Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.
There were already 159 backed units of the Very Early Bird when the Black Friday campaign ended. 
Then the standard Very Early Bird campaign continued, but with counters showing 91 units available and zero sold. Since then there have been 13 new backers of the Very Early Bird. 
So as of now, Dec the 10th, count of Very Early Bird. 1st Edition PuzzlePhone is 172 units. Still the counters show 13 backed units out of 91 available.  

The top 10 countries with most backers, from higest number to lower, are:
Finland, Germany, Spain, United States, France, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada, Austria

Just five days left on our campaign!  Hurry up if you like to be the first to have the PuzzlePhone.

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