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PuzzleIoT the next modular router and gateway

In the beginning there was a modular gateway, and it was good Have you noticed the increasing public pressure to do something about the electronics waste problem? Are you concerned that your privacy and the privacy of your organisation is being violated? Are you facing an increasing complexity within your IoT fleet and struggle with vendor lock-ins? We are nodding, are you? PuzzleIoT modular gateway, and router, is here to relieve you from all these issues. We at Circular Devices

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Why Finland?

No sooner did people start to hear about us, than the odds of us receiving a reply mentioning Nokia, Microsoft and Google subsequently sky rocketed.– We’re doing great, we got seed funding and we became incorporated.– (…)– Yes, in Finland.– (…)– Yes, we are planning to manufacture smartphones.– (…)– Yes, but not only in China, also in Finland…– (…)– Nope, it was not because somebody’s GPS got broken. No sooner

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Puzzlephone concept at IFA with Fraunhofer IZM

The Puzzlephone concept was shown as an example of responsible eco-design for mobile devices. The Fraunhofer-Institut für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointegration IZM, one of the  organizations supporting the Puzzlephone project, was present at IFA 2014 showcasing the latest trends in eco-design and environmental sustainability of consumer electronics. Karsten Schischke, senior researcher in Fraunhofer IZM Berlin, took part in a presentation about eco-design talking about how hard is to open, disassemble and

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CIRCULAR DEVICES OY (Ltd.) And finally we got seed-funding and we went incorporated. A new Finnish Company has born.

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Fraunhofer IZM supports PuzzlePhone

We are proud to publicly disclose that the Fraunhofer IZM is supporting the product design of PUZZLEPHONE for an improved cradle-to-cradle design and a balanced compromise among repairability, durability and recyclability. Special mention Karsten Schischke and our thanks to Kuehr Ruediger from the STEP Initiative and David Peck from the TU Delf University.

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First time at MWC

Puzzlephone lands in Barcelona for the #MWC and we published our new video Back to the Basics.

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Stephen Mallinson joins PuzzlePhone team

Stephen Mallinson is formally welcome to the PUZZLEPHONE team as a Mentor, his long experienced in managing, founding and managing different hardware tech related companies will be an invaluable asset for the project. He was one the lecturers at the Cambridge Venture Camp and he has been of great support since then. Welcome Steve. Dalati! 😉

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