Greetings from the PuzzlePhone Head Quarters. As the project continues advancing, at a slow but firm pace, we have some nice news to share.

Here, in Circular Devices, we went through rough times last year, but the renewed support from the European Commission gave us a lifeline that is taking us closer to project realization than never before.

Having a internal modular organization is the key for Circular devices resilience: we are 15 working shareholders, most of them SME owners that can afford to contribute only when needed. This is keep our burn-rate unusually low for a hardware StartUp. This very flexible structure allow us to keep surviving even with our limited backlog, and specially with all the funding hiccups we have experienced. 

We keep surviving and active, nonetheless we are under bad combination of an unforeseen hiccup with our private-public funding, the perceived risk around hardware StartUps and being based in Europe remains a show stopper for the kind of private investors who are used to deal with our type of venture. 

Enter PuzzleIoT

The diversification of the PuzzlePhone landscape to allow a wider environment of connectivity and applications is an essential part of the project since its inception. The Puzzle Cluster concept was the first peek into the reuse and upcycle for PuzzlePhone modules followed by the PuzzleLab/PuzzleEcosystem to consolidate and provide a reference framework for modular devices compatibility.

PuzzleIoT is a natural fit in the PuzzleLab/PuzzleEcosystem and PuzzlePhone family and, just now, is a key element for Circular Devices present. We know that a working PuzzleIoT, once we have closed some pilot sales, will ease the capital investments we need to speed up the development of the PuzzlePhone.

The PuzzleIoT is a much faster development than the PuzzlePhone with the advantage of having two thirds of the PuzzleIoT (Brain and Heart) essentially the same in both projects. The PuzzleIoT is a reconfiguration of the pieces of the PuzzleEcosystem, the new piece is basically a screen-less Spine module, we’ve removed the screen and added space for physical and extended wireless.

The PuzzlePhone, one step closer

Our resource availability has been the main factor in the rearrangement of the product development roadmap. Even if we had the PuzzlePhone R&D funding fully covered it would still make sense to produce the PuzzleIoT version in parallel. It is not a detour, but simply an earlier byproduct of our ongoing R&D that we can sell earlier than the modular phone. By doing this we are effectively proving the technical and financial viability of the PuzzleEcosystem, and potentially self-funding our operations, including the PuzzlePhone production. 

Alejandro Santacreu (CEO)
On behalf of the PuzzlePhone team
The PuzzlePhone!
The Android you’ve been looking for! 

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