Greetings from the PuzzlePhone Headquarters. In a recent post we updated about Circular Devices and introduced the PuzzleIoT. PuzzleIoT comes at the right time for a maturing market, and grows organically from the PuzzleEcosystem.

The dust around the Internet-of-Things is settling. After some years of hype where everyone was supposed to have everything connected, it is becoming much clearer that professional and industrial environments have better reasons to connect and measure their businesses, buildings, factoríes and warehouses, or shopping malls. The so called IIoT (Industry Internet of Things), or in some circles simply IoT rebranded as “Industry of Things”.

But how to connect all those sensors to the cloud, and to the clients systems? A versatile gateway+hub, powerful, modular, open, connected via GSM (+ all the NB protocols and networks that IoT requires nowadays) and running on Androidware is something still missing that the IoT service providers will benefit from thanks to the leaner life cycle management that an open and modular approach brings to the table.

If you are into IoT “security” is quite a headache. There +400 different IoT solutions out there, but only a few show some “architecture thinking”. As a result the deployed solutions are what some experts define as a “spaghetti architecture”. A kludge impossible to maintain or upgrade without a huge effort. As a consequence IoT is either a security fest for hackers, or a growing, and expensive, pain in the bottom line for clients and suppliers because of the maintenance cost of all the hardware involved, which is anything but sustainable, upgradeable or repairable.

The PuzzleIoT will bring to the router market the same benefits that PuzzlePhone brings for smartphones: consolidated and standardized architecture reducing customization costs, faster innovation lanes for new embedded hardware, and a consolidated firmware for improved security and lifespan. Security breaches like the recent, and catastrophics, VPNFilter malware infection more than 500,000 of home and SME routers is less likely to happen in an scenario were vendors become PuzzleCompatible licensees using one and open PuzzleOS firmware that’s easier to patch and much more feasible to upgrade Over-The-Air, compared to re-flashing hundreds of different models that, for starters, many of which will never get a patch.

The PuzzleLab/PuzzleEcosystem is the meeting point where developers, makers, and contract manufacturers will find all the information required (tech specs, webinars, certification). This hasn’t changed, but grows to make room to another product from the Puzzle Family.

PuzzleIoT is going to be a B2B product first. We have already disclosed initial specs to our pilot prospects. The first units will be available in 2018 H2 for pilot customers only. There are no short term plans for PuzzleIoT availability for final consumers.

As the pilot customers we are considering might require customization, and their acquisition is reliant on an IoT service provider with a tailored service and maintenance fee we do not have public MSRP at this point. In that context the cost per unit is not a key element, but in any case we offer a lower Total Ownership Cost than the existing comparable solutions. The PuzzleIoT is a step forward for Circular Devices. The market for the PuzzleIoT device exists, and its not only growing, but it has lower technical barriers for a sell-able pilot. The PuzzleIoT development is aligned and advances the PuzzlePhone development too.

Alejandro Santacreu (CEO)
On behalf of the PuzzlePhone team
The PuzzlePhone!
The Android you’ve been looking for! 

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