Espoo, Finland, August 1st, 2018. Circular Devices, Ltd., the Finnish startup behind the PuzzlePhone modular smartphone, announced today the filing of a patent application, “A coaxial connector structure.” The patent forms the foundation for the ecosystem of modularity used by PuzzlePhone, PuzzleIoT, and PuzzleLab.

The patent application covers specific details of the non-linear coaxial connector, as well as the mechanism for electrical connectivity and mechanical retention of modules. The connecting system is designed for robustness, simple manufacturing, and high tolerance to insertion misalignments.

Testing rigs to allow individual testing of each connector without risk of interference with others.

“Connectivity is key with modular systems and it is the main challenge to be solved. We have embedded technical options for a modular connectivity system which can easily be integrated by third parties in a variety of modules and devices,” says Alejandro Santacreu, CEO of Circular Devices Ltd.

For the PuzzlePhone and the PuzzleLab ecosystem, the patent represents a major milestone as it demonstrates progress and makes the roadmap ahead clear for the entire project. The connector is the key element for the whole ecosystem compatibility. This announcement comes just weeks after the PuzzleIoT’s declaration that it would transform the router market.

“The connecting system offers greater design freedom by not requiring modules to be slotted in from an open end, and it allows features, such as a front facing camera, to be pocketed into the modules with minimal loss of space,” says Markus Levlin, Circular Devices Chairman of the Board and IPR attorney. “Existing solutions are either bad in connection quality, or they require precision insertion.”

PuzzlePhone is the long­-lasting smartphone of the future with three easy-to-change modules, allowing easy repair and customization of the device. PuzzlePhone is reliable, upgradeable, and repairable.

The PuzzleIoT is the internet gateway device that will bring to the router market the same benefits that PuzzlePhone brings for smartphones: consolidated and standardized architecture to reduce customization costs, create faster innovation lanes for new embedded hardware, and a consolidate firmware for improved security and lifespan.

The PuzzleLab/PuzzleEcosystem is the meeting point where developers, makers, and contract manufacturers find all information required (tech specs, webinars, certification).

PuzzlePhone, upgradeable, sustainable, incredible!

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