Interconnecting  mechanics and electronics in modular systems is the hill that some consider an impossible climb. Solving this main challenge marks a major milestone, proven by this patent application filing.

PCB design and manufacture for testing

When Circular Devices proposed to the European Commision (grant agreements nos. 680640 and 730308) to develop a modular smartphone, we were not planning just a device “designed to last up to 10 years.” The underlying innovation was a licensable solution to help the industry become more sustainable, working to defeat the planned obsolescence embedded in many designs.

Now there is an European-born open standard for modular smartphones available for anyone willing to develop any kind of modular devices. This open standard is the binding solution for a new breed of modular Internet-of-Things gateways, drones, baby monitors, and dozens of applications across a variety of sectors: consumer applications, healthcare, smart cities.

Interconnections are the cornerstone of any modular solution. For modular smartphones we have seen big corporations, much bigger than us, burn huge resources, and fail. 

Just a few weeks ago we announced a new step in the project, the PuzzleIoT. The PuzzleIoT will bring the same benefits to the router market that PuzzlePhone brings to smartphones: a consolidated and standardized architecture, reducing customization costs, with faster innovation lanes for new embedded hardware, and common firmware for improved security and longer lifespan. 

The PuzzleIoT is the first modular device integrating the connectivity system, the first in the PuzzleLab ecosystem.

We’ll keep working this summer with a very warm feeling about the near future.

Alejandro Santacreu (CEO)

On behalf of the PuzzlePhone team
The PuzzlePhone!
The Android you’ve been looking for! 

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