Going Northern, PuzzlePhone starts development in Oulu

Circular Devices has been involved with the Finnish heart and soul of the cell phone R&D in Oulu from the beginning. PuzzlePhone signed it’s first cooperation agreement with Grant4Com in November 2014, and since then interaction with Oulu has been intensified until becoming one of the key locations for the PuzzlePhone development.

Summer 2015 has been a very active one for Circular Devices, resulting in the expansion of the PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard, beyond the initial hardware platform, to allow an even easier integration of different SoCs and Operating Systems.

The first PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard seed from Oulu will be a technology demonstrator that is currently being developed in cooperation with partners like Grat4Com and Haltian.

For Circular Devices, Oulu is the best suited place to develop the PuzzlePhone, due to its huge pool of talented and skilled professionals with vast experience in the field. The advantages of the Oulu city are not only in the development and testing stages, but also with its extensive manufacturing capabilities and the support local government authorities give to new initiatives.

“Extending the PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard and adding our Oulu partners resources and skills have created a powerful and strong connection that will result in a more solid development and business structure for the PuzzlePhone and for the forthcoming PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard”, says Alejandro Santacreu, Circular Devices CEO.

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