Bad news always first

Due to an unexpected shortage, or cash-flow slowdown, in the public funds committed by the European Commission the development of the PuzzlePhone has been slowed and the PuzzlePhone is going to be late. The first PuzzlePhone units will not be ready in 2016.

The good news

This is not a technical feasibility issue, as you know from our Captain’s Log chronicles, the PuzzlePhone R&D follows a New Product Development ISO-9001 process, and having executed most of the Scoping & Concepting phases we have not found any major show stopper.

This progress to date has been saluted by the Fraunhofer IZM, our Project Coordinator within the Horizon 2020 grant that, along with our private capital, is fueling our dreams to create a smartphone design to last up to 10 years.

Therefore, and being a strictly financial issue (and actually more a bureaucratic condition), we are working with the authorities to solve this bottleneck as soon as possible. We have always felt supported and backed by the European Union, and as you know the PuzzlePhone stands for creating an industrial model compatible with the kind of society we believe in, which is basically a pretty European way of life. So far the H2020 grant has both supported our lab work and triggered and enhanced our private investment, but in order to keep that public-private scalable growth and supporting our doings we need to solve this issue first.

Source: European Commision H2020 website

As any other StartUp, we continue our fundraising activities and we are confident on our talks with new and bigger investors committed in joining the real modular phone revolution onboard soon.

We are hard working on the way to solve the temporary funding issues and we can disclose a small advancement. We have already secured some small funding that will help to continue operations.

“Right now, the project that most closely resembles the idealized modular phone is from a Finnish company called Circular Devices.” – June 18th, 2016 · Venture Beat

We apologize to you, our backers and followers for this inconvenience. No one said it would be easy to renew the mobile industry and certainly it is an amazing challenge for a StartUp, but all of us at Circular Devices know that there is a better way, and we will keep pushing forward as we have been doing during the past 3 years.

And some more good news

Alejandro Santacreu delivering a Piece Maker kit

The first one is The Piece Maker perk delivery to the fellow backers who want to be at the cutting edge of the PuzzlePhone module development and research. This is a small but key step in the foundation of the PuzzleLab, the hub for makers and innovators who wish to develop and produce mobile solutions. PuzzleLab is the holder of the PuzzlePhone Open Standard that ensures both firmware and hardware are fully compatible and interchangeable.

The choice we made for even easier and quicker prototyping is the MikroElektronika Flip & click system. MikroElektronika is a well known and innovative European company producing development and educational tools.

The Flip & click is not just an Arduino based board. It is a complete portfolio of more than 200 easy to connect click-modules, sensor boards that you can mix and match. Taking the step into real prototype and production has never been easier.

The Flip & click board can work as an OTG client/host through USB if you plug the click-sensor boards to the PuzzlePhone’s Brain module through the Flip & click motherboard. As the PuzzlePhone will come with Android you can start your software development with the standard Android development tools available.

The Piece Makers Kit contains: Flip & click board, Air quality Click, Alcohol Click, Thermo Click, and Heart Rate Click. This sensors have been selected to cover a wide-range of potential Use Cases for makers to develop their own frankentypes* to be tested on the field (* aka MVP in the outerworld).

Thanks for your support and your understanding!

Alejandro Santacreu (CEO)
On behalf of the PuzzlePhone team
The PuzzlePhone!
The Android you’ve been looking for! 

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