There is life even afterlife. At Circular Devices we believe that a product’s life cycle can be extended beyond its initial planned usage, thereby delaying its obsolescence. With electronic waste becoming an increasing threat for our planet, we took it upon ourselves to find an alternative to the inevitable disposal of your device.

Even if your smartphone can no longer deliver the performance you seek, it still contains a fully working computer, and there is no reason it should be discarded straight away. Our unique technology enables your device to be easily upgraded by replacing the PUZZLEPHONE’s Brain CPU module. The PUZZLEPHONE Brain is a self-contained computer in a convenient modular enclosure that is easily connectable. However, we are developing a state-of-the-art technology that will enable your old Brain modules to live on after you decide to upgrade.

Supercomputer-like cluster made of recycled/reused smartphone modules

Enter PUZZLECLUSTER, the first scalable computer cluster platform based on recycled modular mobile technology.

The PUZZLECLUSTER will allow PUZZLEPHONE Brain modules to be reused and connected to form a fully integrated computer cluster. Our goal is to deliver a scalable product that can meet the needs of home users and small and medium enterprises, but also public institutions and data centers. Its applications can range from research and data analysis, to rendering farms and in-house cloud services, as well as any other case that requires parallel computing.

Initially, the PUZZLECLUSTER will include a power supply, internal connectivity for the PUZZLEPHONE Brain modules and supporting peripherals and external connectivity. It will also provide slots for PUZZLEPHONE Battery modules, which will be used for built-in UPS functionalities.

Thanks to this, all the computing power of the PUZZLEPHONE can live beyond its lifecycle in the device, and continue to live for a very long time as part of the PUZZLECLUSTER.

“When developing the PUZZLEPHONE, we always think about the whole cycle, from sourcing components to manufacturing, the device use itself and what to do when the time to upgrade comes,” says Alejandro Santacreu, Circular Devices CEO. “The PUZZLEPHONE Brain is a fully functional low power computer ready to be integrated in the PUZZLECLUSTER. It makes no sense to discard a perfectly working computer just because you have upgraded your smartphone. The PUZZLECLUSTER will extend the usable life of the PUZZLEPHONE Brain modules way beyond any other smartphone processor”.

At Circular Devices, our priority is to deliver state-of-the-art technology while minimizing our environmental footprint. We achieve this by thinking about the whole product life cycle before and after its planned use and exploring innovative and disruptive concepts like the PUZZLEPHONE and the PUZZLECLUSTER. We don’t dream about the future, we make it happen now.

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