In the beginning there was a modular gateway, and it was good

Have you noticed the increasing public pressure to do something about the electronics waste problem? Are you concerned that your privacy and the privacy of your organisation is being violated? Are you facing an increasing complexity within your IoT fleet and struggle with vendor lock-ins? We are nodding, are you?

PuzzleIoT modular gateway, and router, is here to relieve you from all these issues.

We at Circular Devices LTD. together with the support of the European Commission project “sustainablySMART” are happy to announce the first PuzzleCompatible device ready for production and licensing.

In the picture above you can see the first unit of PuzzleIoT demonstrator. The customizable smart gateway for your engineers to play with, and to be reconfigured to match the requirements of your use case.

But it is much more than a modular gateway to the Internet. You probably already know that modular devices are easier to repair. Repairing your key hardware assets increases the resilience of your investment and is also perfectly aligned with the current legislative pressures. Furthermore our open standard offers a cost efficient method to create customized hardware solutions that mitigate the R&D risks and costs. Let’s rephrase, with our open standard you can create customized modular hardware devices cheaper, faster, and with less risks.

PuzzleIoT is made in Europe for a very good reason – your privacy matters #GDPR

Europe is currently the place where companies and governments are still obligated  to comply with the privacy regulations. We believe that Europe is the best place to design and manufacture hardware devices of the future, devices that respect you and the resources poured into them. 

Wanna hear more?

We are looking for forward thinking corporates to join us on our quest to reduce waste, and increase trustworthiness with our Design to Last PuzzleCompatible devices.

Within the next weeks we will disclose more visuals on the inner works of the device-platform, e.g.: how the modularity has been worked out in this demonstrator, the PCBs design, and other geeky details.

PuzzleIoT, the edge network computing solution

The PuzzleIoT demonstrator is based on a NXP’s i.MX7D, a chipset that is fully supported by Android Things, and with the OEM’s in mind. A powerful solution that makes it a competent edge device for your cloud, fog, and myst requirements.

You can learn more at and please do contact us if you are interested in working with us!

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