Circular Devices introduces today the PuzzlePhone SLUSH White Edition as a new perk in its ongoing Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Circular Devices also announces collaboration with Jolla in the community project for Sailfish OS integration to the PuzzlePhone hardware. This awesome joint project is a testimony to the thriving and agile Finnish startup ecosystem.

PuzzlePhone SLUSH White Edition

Slush is the yearly summit for Nordic startups, and it’s an opportunity to step ahead and start changing how the world deals with consumer electronics in a more sustainable way to do and way to be.

As the weather is quite warm, there is no slush outside this year, but the event is fully packed with awesome minds making things happen. To celebrate this special event, Circular Devices introduces the PuzzlePhone SLUSH White Edition. This device is a truly fashionable mobile phone, the ultimate combination of Finnish design and technical performance. This elegant device features copper detailing and comes with 32GB of internal storage memory. It will be available in Indiegogo for a limited time: five days only.

Community version of Sailfish OS in the PuzzlePhone

We have already introduced the Piece Maker tool set for everyone (makers, hackers, prototype developers) in order to have their custom solution integrated in the Heart module of the PuzzlePhone. A key part of this tool set is the prerooted bootloader. The prerooted bootloader opens the door for quick custom software development. But this is just the technical side. The real meat is flesh. When a mountain exists there are people who feel the need to climb it: “Because it’s there,” as George Mallory said.

Today we are more than proud to unveil that Jolla is keen to support the PuzzlePhone project. This joint project marks a new era in phone manufacturing and a new step for community collaboration expanding the PuzzlePhone ecosystem.

The Sailfish OS integration in the PuzzlePhone is a Circular Devices and Sailfish OS joint community project that will begin next year, when PuzzlePhone production samples become available.

“Jolla is excited to support PuzzlePhone, the Finnish Mobile device made by Circular Devices, and both communities to port Sailfish OS, the independent mobile OS from Finland,” says Harri Hakulinen, Jolla CTO.

“There are no technical limitations for the Sailfish implementation in the PuzzlePhone Brain,” says Alejandro Santacreu, CEO of Circular Devices. “The Piece Maker tool set will enable to change the Brain OS from the standard supplied Android OS to the customized Sailfish OS once it becomes available.”

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