2015 has been a very active year for Circular Devices. Since its participation in 4YFN/MWC 2015, the company has been working to develop and enhance its internal business structure, securing funds to continue operations, as well as developing a high-quality partners network to ensure the long term success of the PuzzlePhone device, the PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard, and the reshoring of the design, engineering, and manufacturing capacities back to Europe.

The PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard has received a large share of the company’s efforts, and has evolved accordingly towards a more comprehensive and wide palette of options. The PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard is now an even more standardized connecting environment that provides a solid and convenient way to interconnect brains based on different SoC architectures for better, quicker and easier integration of third-party developments.

Alejandro Santacreu, Circular Devices CEO, answers some questions that have arisen around the evolution of the PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard and its current status.

What is happening with the PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard?

Since the very beginning we conceived PuzzlePhone as an open platform that will allow third parties to develop and manufacture hardware and modules that will work with the PuzzlePhone. This initial concept evolved to the PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard.

What has been the development of the standard so far?

In the Mobile World Congress / 4YFN 2015 we announced our collaboration with the ImasD to have their Clickarm technology as the base of the electronics for the PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard.

What happened with this technology?

That was a great agreement that allowed the advancement of the Open Standard foundations. But we realized that creating a platform so tied to a single architecture lacked the kind of future proof we want for the PuzzlePhone. So we worked hard to extend the PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard to be ready for different technologies.

Does this means that there will be no Clickarm based PuzzlePhone?

Not at all. We have made some priority changes and moved for a more diversified technology base. In the nearer term it means that the main effort of technology development is now driven by our partners in the city of Oulu, and this will be not based on Clickarm.

So PuzzlePhone will leave the Clickarm technology?

That will mostly depend on how ImasD rides the product development roadmap. So the Clickarm path is not discarded at all. We just will go for a wider range of options that will make the development of the standard faster and, above all, easier for third parties to join and be part of the PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard.

Is this decision related to possible trademark issues around the Clickarm brand?

No. ImasD will deal with those issues in a convenient way, as they have done before. That intellectual property issue will not affect the development of their technology.

We always wanted to have a PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard as easy and versatile as possible. To be future-proof you have to be as technology-proof as possible.

Will this reduce the number of OS available for the PuzzlePhone?

For now, we are working on a Android based PuzzlePhone. But we will be happy if any interested third party develops a brain that can run another OS.

The PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard evolution is the answer to the challenges and changes in the market that Circular Devices has resolved with remarkable success, facing a major shift in the competitive environment. The demands of many industrial players justifies stretching the PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard at this initial stage for even easier integration. The evolution of the PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard will accelerate our R&D roadmap and open the field for even more players to join the PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard.

The PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard will lower the entry barrier for companies, small and big, to develop and manufacture mobile devices and modules. The PuzzlePhone Open Standard will also offer easier access for individual makers for further product and use enhancement and hacking.

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