The Puzzlephone concept was shown as an example of responsible eco-design for mobile devices.

The Fraunhofer-Institut für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointegration IZM, one of the  organizations supporting the Puzzlephone project, was present at IFA 2014 showcasing the latest trends in eco-design and environmental sustainability of consumer electronics.

Karsten Schischke, senior researcher in Fraunhofer IZM Berlin, took part in a presentation about eco-design talking about how hard is to open, disassemble and service/repair devices like tablets, phones or laptops. This hard to disassemble devices also add another layer of costs in the end of their lifecycle, as they are more expensive to properly dismantle for recycling.

We are glad to have the Puzzlephone concept showcased, and be part of the examples of mobile device sustainability along with Micropro iameco  laptop range and the Fairphone.

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