Espoo, October 26th 2015. Circular Devices Ltd., the Finnish startup behind the PuzzlePhone modular devices, announces today that as PuzzlePhone nears its product release in 2016, market validation of our product and idea is becoming ever more important. Hence, we’re going crowdfunding to allow individuals to vote with their wallets for the kind of future they want with their hearts. Consumers told us a long-lasting smartphone was a great idea. Now they have the opportunity to back one. We’ve chosen the Indiegogo platform, and in our campaign, starting in November the 3rd, will showcase our working demonstrator in action.

But it’s more than just backing PuzzlePhone: it’s sending a message to the industry at large: As humans, we value sustainability. As users, we’ve long had sustainable choices when it comes to cars or clothing or food. So why not with mobile phones? Crowdfund PuzzlePhone to send a message loud and clear: We demand sustainable values in the industry, too. How is PuzzlePhone sustainable?

For starters, it’s designed, engineered, and manufactured in Finland. Our success means the success of European industry. And our production ecosystem is also entirely transportable – so when PuzzlePhone conquers the world, it will do so by supporting local manufacturing in every key market.

The PuzzlePhone itself is designed for longevity. It’s a modular smartphone, which can last 10 years. (No, that is not a typo.) Replace PuzzlePhone modules as they reach technological obsolescence or wear out – but don’t throw out the phone. And the old parts can be put to #ReUse, too. Hand over your modules to someone else who can use them, or employ them in [PuzzleCluster]( “PuzzleCluster”)

As believers in the repair revolution, the idea that fixing is better than recycling, PuzzlePhone is involved with iFixit, as part of the cooperation in a consortium of European companies in a Horizon 2020 project, to reach the highest repairability score. Crowdfunding resources will be used to enable manufacturing of PuzzlePhone – not for R&D! Full-throttle R&D began on September 1, 2015, thanks to EU support and Oulu brains. PuzzlePhone has been backed by Grant4Com, Haltian Oy (the most successful Nokia spin-off ever), Muottituote Oy (housing manufacturing), and AT&S Austria (PCB manufacturing). Our partner grid ensures final assembly in Finland, meaning PuzzlePhone may proudly say Made in Finland.

We also work with Fraunhofer IZM in R&D to ensure best practices in sustainable design, guaranteeing robust, reliable electronic systems.

PuzzlePhone invites consumers to join us in making their voices heard, making a statement about sustainable priorities, as well as sending a message to the industry that PuzzlePhone is the paradigm shift from “take, make, waste” to “reduce, reuse, recycle.” We are the androids you are looking for!

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PuzzlePhone’s crowdfunding rewards are the following (Limited quantities available):

Very Early Bird

The 1st Edition

299 EUR / MSRP invaluable! This is the one and only opportunity to get the PuzzlePhone mobile experience delivered at the very lowest price. Only 250 units available.

Early Bird


399 EUR / MSRP 599 EUR. PuzzlePhone is the sine qua non for those who love Finnish design and style. Consumer delight delivered through modern and functional balance of technology and beauty. Limited to 500 units.

Indiegogo Special, Limited Edition PuzzlePhone

699 EUR / MSRP invaluable! The Indiegogo Special Limited Edition PuzzlePhone puts design excellence and craftsmanship into an object of pure desire. Limited to 250 units.

Once those limited units run out the PuzzlePhone will be available in Indiegogo at 449 EUR and 499 EUR (depending on storage configuration).

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