PuzzlePhone in Slush and microSD support

Now with microSD support.

We have great news today! We are happy to announce the first free upgrade for all present and future backers. As the PuzzlePhone R&D process progresses, some undisclosed upgrades could eventually be unveiled and yesterday our amazing engineering team in Oulu city confirmed that they managed to enhance the Brain electronics and stuffed inside the support for microSD. So now all PuzzlePhone models offered in this Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign will have microSD support. Yeah!

Meet us at Slush
We are going to be in Slush. Circular Devices CEO will participate in the Indiegogo crowdfunding session on Nov 12th at 4.30pm. Be ready for some great news and announcements in Slush next week. We are going to be there the whole event so if you want to see what we have already done please contact to arrange a short talk.

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