Circular Devices was invited to participate in the “Hamster Hipster Handy. Under the Spell of the Mobile Phone” exhibition in the Frankfurt Museum Angewandte Kunst, 25 April 25th to July 5 2015.

“Handy” the common way to call a mobile phone in Germany, but the Smartphone is much more than just a phone. A Smartphone is now a camera, a computer, a flashlight, a video device, a fashion accessory and a complete window to access and interact with the world. This new complexity was explored in the exhibition with examples from the worlds of design, the media, film and contemporary art. The exhibition, showing the Smartphone as an object that’s —convenient and harmful, bonding and polarizing— contributes to shaping our cultural self-conception.

Hamster, in this case representing the negative consequences of the Smartphone for human life, is directly compared with the fictional figure Hipster. As a recognized 21st-century consumer, Hipster represents a new culture of mobile image generation with its almost infinite possibilities. Including it’s egocentric & narcissistic self-presentation, all of which are linked in turn, to cultural and social understandings such as ethnicity, class and gender.

In this context the PuzzlePhone was introduced as the new generation of Smartphones, being the new element to complete a historic walk trough different type of handsets. Circular Devices contributed to the exhibition with the very first carved wooden and 3D printed mockups, the first functional and tested “Frankentype” prototype as well as some of the alternative electronics under development.

This contribution has been the second time that all the entire milestones of the PuzzlePhone have been shown in public, after the 4YFB/MWC 2015 in Barcelona.

“As the development of the PuzzlePhone continues those mockups and conceptual tests remind us how humble and simple where our first steps”, says Alejandro Santacreu, Circular Devices CEO. “Those are also milestones achieved enlightening a long way ahead and giving us the courage to step forward and make the PuzzlePhone happen”.

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