PuzzlePhone Piece Maker: your module, your product

By bringing your ideas to life into the PuzzlePhone platform you will also be making a difference because all your hardware applications will be reusable across the PuzzlePhoners Universe.

How is that possible?
Easy! Like everything around our simple, but playful concept: think of the PuzzlePhone not as a smartphone but as your friendly computing platform with a 5” touch monitor that will allow easy and reliable interaction with any module you can dream of, and develop.

The Heart (battery module) has a standard USB connection to the Brain (processor & cellular module). That makes The Heart (battery module) your ticket to ride: 3D print your custom modified version and fit your custom PCB solution, ready to talk with your app on the device.

Get your PuzzlePhone Piece Maker perk now and you will be among the first to get what you need to start developing your hardware magic apps (expected Piece Maker Perk delivery during Q1-2016):

  1. Access to the PuzzlePhone Makers Community for regular updates on  these materials during the R&D process.
  2. 3D CAD of casework in STL format for 3D printing prior to end of campaign.
  3. PuzzlePhone Design Guide: How to make your own modules (how to connect, how to make your own modules, how to interface with sensors, etc.)
  4. Module connector cables in various lengths, plus break out  connector board.
  5. Unlocked boot-loader.

Meet us at Slush
As we announced before, we are going to be in Slush. Alejandro Santacreu, Circular Devices CEO, will participate in the Indiegogo crowdfunding session on Nov 12th at 4.30pm. We are going to announce something very special for Slush event. As we are going to be there the whole event, please contact us to arrange a meeting and see what we have already done.

Paypal accepted
Now the PuzzlePhone crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo accepts Paypal payments. This a very welcome addition and the answer to many backers requests.

Extended FAQ
We have extended the FAQ in the Indiegogo campaign page but if you dont find the answer o your questions there, please contact us.

Find out more at www.puzzlephone.com

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Wait for the very special Slush update!

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