Tapani Jokinen is the VP of Design at Circular Devices, is a visionary designer, inventor and design management professional with more than 20 years experience in various capacities and global locations.

Tapani Jokinen has been the Lead Designer for Nokia 3310 and Nokia 1100 which are to date the most popular mobile phones in the World. Also leaded visionary concepts like, Nokia AIR, HumanForm and Nokia Kinetic Device.

How and when did you get in touch with Alejandro and Circular Devices?

It was Winter 2014 we contacted via Worlds most popular dating site, Linkedin.

From our first face to face meeting it was clear for both of us that we should team up to realize our mutual Vision.

Our synergy generate so much energy that our one + one is not two, it’s more! Alejandro is a exceptionally intelligent visionary entrepreneur. The most passionate, energetic person that I have ever met to accomplish the extremely ambitious aim to roll out new finish design brand in the smart phone market.

Why did you get interested in Circular Devices and the PuzzlePhone?

I have follow up PuzzlePhone from the baby steps realizing the modularity. I have passionately strive modular concepts into productization in my previous work, in Nokia advanced design and portfolio planning.

Modularity is something that we designers have always dreamed about, but now new technology makes possible to execute modular designs without sacrificing compactness and it allow us think big and make ideas tangible, beautiful and meaningful to people.

What is your role in Circular Devices?

I am VP of Design ‘get things done’ between Business, Marketing, R&D and Design. Using Design thinking as a guiding principle to fostering creativity, accelerate and drive cross functional collaboration to bring Design at the heart of the brand. Design is team sport. Good design comes from good people and people´s problems are solved by good design.

What is your involvement with PuzzlePhone? What is your contribution to the project?

I have 20 years of international experience at mobile Design, Building products and experiences to last, like the Nokia 3310 and the 1100.

Using my skills to translate successfully new opportunities into tangible and meaningful user experiences by taking what is technologically possible and making it inspirational and desirable, humanizing the technology, clarifying and translating strategy through design.

Why the PuzzlePhone makes sense?

I am father and I believe that sustainability isn´t just a trend. It is our generation responsibility to build better future to our kids.

Better design means better living. It brings tangible and sustainable improvements to our living environment, making it easier, safer and more enjoyable. Modularity enhance to build cellphone that is repairable, upgradable, tailored to meet your style and needs in a sustainable and responsible way.

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