No sooner did people start to hear about us, than the odds of us receiving a reply mentioning Nokia, Microsoft and Google subsequently sky rocketed.
– We’re doing great, we got seed funding and we became incorporated.
– (…)
– Yes, in Finland.
– (…)
– Yes, we are planning to manufacture smartphones.
– (…)
– Yes, but not only in China, also in Finland…
– (…)
– Nope, it was not because somebody’s GPS got broken.

No sooner did people start to hear about us, than the odds of us receiving a reply mentioning Nokia, Microsoft and Google subsequently sky rocketed. And whatsmore it has continued to do so ever since. God forbid that we forget to mention the “in-sourcing” megatrend or even a newer approach to manufacturing.

But here, right in this very blog of ours, it seems like just the place to share some of our own personal thoughts regarding such matters. And who knows… ? It may be even sound rational to investors, after all they also invest in people and their dreams, or so they say…

When my wife and I decided to move to Finland one year ago, cats included, Puzzlephone was just a sleeping idea, an almost ignored dream waiting for playbacks in YouTube. From the moment I had the opportunity to pitch the idea in Finland it progressively turned into a more solid concept.

The local support and network helped build a team and in turn fueled the project with a really great vibe. All of which were good reasons for moving here but not the core of my faith.

I simply moved to Finland because Finns are quiet people, yes; but also and more importantly: they are coherent. Above and beyond your average Joe and more than enough for my own personal standards whatsmore. Being coherent to the bone is not easy, it all begins with your purpose in life, yep, this isn’t “just” about making a modular phone.

So what is it about then? I hear you say.

Finland is well known for its fair wealth distribution, social welfare, educational system and many other positive values that are being challenged daily by messages of fear and despair from all 4 corners of the globe. Democracy was born on Mediterranean shores, it is true, but it emigrated to the North…. so I decided to do the same.

Our business model is not based solely on manufacturing our own devices. It is also designed to provide a manufacturing platform to third party brands. Brands willing to explore new and more sustainable designs that are aligned with the principles of a circular economy. This is, in a way, a more Democratic vision of the industry.

My wife and I moved to Finland looking for a more sustainable society. A place where we could start a family in the near future, a place willing to accept & raise our children in a social environment of lower inequality but at the same time sharing a strong commitment with the future. THAT is why Puzzlephone lives in Finland: because this is the place where acts are coherent with the future, at least, the kind of future I guess we would all want for our children.

So Nope, it was not because somebody’s GPS got broken or even some kind of silly joke, we are actually bang smack where we want to be.

The best part is yet to come. There are 10 partners more, and they continue to grow even as I type. So I suppose you could therefore say that “I” am not crazy… moreover its a case of “WE” 😀

Kiitoksia Suomi!

The “Why Finland?” post apperead for the first time in The PUZZLEPHONE’s official blog on Sun 9th November of 2014 at 08:30h EET.

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