An Indiegogo flexible campaign means that we can keep the money even if we do not reach the goal. But that doesn’t mean that the project is going to disappear if the goal is not reached. Mainly because we have public and private funds for R&D as you can check here. As you see we didn’t came out of the blue, neither our partners: we have been planning and working in the original concept for more than two years now. So let’s make this clear: no one can develop a totally new smartphone for 250K EUR, that only pays the manufacturing setup costs, not the R&D.

Thanks to the advantages of manufacturing in Finland where a new wave of state of the art highly efficient facilities that does not rely on massive numbers we can produce batches as short as 100 units. And the implications of this new and leaner ways of manufacturing have deeper implications: with The PuzzlePhone we are also proving that it is cost-efficient and compatible with Finnish living standards to Design, Engineer and Manufacture trustworthy devices in a highly developed country.

Nothing to hide here our dear backers and we kindly invite the press to visit us and meet our team and R&D premises in Espoo and Oulu city, or to meet us at the forthcoming Slush event in Helsinki. It will be interesting for media to check with their own eyes what is behind trending hashtags such as #Industry4.0

So with or without goals you will receive your perk: a symbol of a new breed of devices designed to last but also and perhaps more important, you will be supporting local economies and promoting the Finnish living standards.

We are rebooting years of blindly outsourcing here and you have the opportunity to join our pilot program, be a pioneer and own a collectors piece of engineering.

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