Be the first to offer PuzzlePhone Compatible products and services to your clients.

PuzzleLab is the hub for makers and innovators who wish to develop and produce mobile solutions. PuzzleLab is the holder of PuzzlePhone Open Standard that ensures both firmware and hardware are fully compatible and interchangeable.

Companies and brands joining the PuzzleLab will be provided with a ready-made standard and a one stop shop for R&D, testing, certification, manufacturing, and logistics.

No need to open Pandora’s Box of engineering: bring your product to life by changing a single module. It’s fast and cost-efficient.

Coming soon

Online environment for inventors and developers. It will open first for Piece Makers and then for all.

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PuzzlePhone Compatible empowers innovation

For manufacturers

Grow your customer pool. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a ready-­to-­burn, pre­-compiled OS that allows you to develop high­-quality devices for the masses, as well as on­-demand, tailor-­made solutions for niche sectors? Save time and money in developing your ideas.

For developers

A standard platform ensures on-­time upgrades, simplifying and reducing the IT workload for manufacturers and application developers. One single firmware compilation for every PuzzlePhone Compatible device means faster response and a better user experience.

For the end user

PuzzlePhone is easy to upgrade, easy to customize, and easy to repair. No more changing phones because of broken displays, outdated software, or an old battery – change one module only. Reliable auditing of the code and community support mean better debugging and safeguards against malware.

Made in Europe

PuzzlePhone is designed, engineered, manufactured, and assembled in Europe. Together with our partners in Finland, UK and Germany we are building the new era of mobile industry: sustainable mobile product that respects security and privacy.

Our R&D all-star partners

And although PuzzlePhone is, at the moment, made in Europe, we’re most proud of the fact that our full business ecosystem is completely replicable elsewhere making it a truly local system.

PuzzlePhone Circular Economy Loop


Modularity is the enabler of better hardware investments for everyone

PuzzlePhone by you

Ideas become reality in a cost-­efficient and expedient fashion.


Create an entire device or a module for a specific need. Optimize the use of smartphone as an essential tool for getting the job done. Or perhaps your module is an upgrade for everyday use. With us you can create functionalities like action camera, walkie-talkie, chemical sensors and bulletproof body.


The ultimate in customizable smartphones welcomes accessory makers. Both internally and externally, PuzzlePhone can be customized and personalized. Why stop with a bullet­proof cover? The ways of personalizing a PuzzlePhone are virtually limitless. To attach the protection covers, arm straps, etc.

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